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Hey guys it's Oli from @eme.online & SPANISH MADE EASY although lots of you know me from VTF.

As lots of you already know i have lived in Spain since i was 13 and have can speak fluent spanish.

I have partnered up with a Spanish teacher who has also taught my mother spanish with the goal of being able to teach other English or non native spanish speakers Spanish as easy a possible.

Don't get me wrong it wont be easy you will have to study and Rome wasn't built in a day (as they say), neither will you journey learning spanish.

However everyone has to start somewhere and it's much better if you can have small reduced groups and learn with friends and people you know. 

Group Size & Methodology

When you are learning a language you definely need time to be able to participate in class and practice your speaking. The only way to do this is by keeping the groups small the (max 6 students).

Another option is private 1to1 classes however in my experience 1to1 is quiet intense and you don’t have the same commitment as you do to a group class, here is an example i often refer to. It’s easier to call of / quit /put off a run that you planned for yourself than it is to let down your friend or a running group you signed up to.

The classes will be taught in Spanish and you will be doing a lot of speaking… it’s the only way guys, you have to practice. The teacher will also have a decent level of English as this helps with fustration especially when you are starting off, it can be difficult when you can’t communicate with your teacher.

We will be starting off small the same way we did with English Made Easy and eme.online which now have a combined total of over 50k Followers, 400 clients online and offline and we even teach in company classes. We will be looking to learn, grow and develop with our students.

The classes will be on zoom and will be 2 hour intensive classes.We are also building an online platform (Spanish Made Easy platform is currently being built). We will be looking at linking our Spanish speaking students with our English Speaking students to create chat groups and sessions for students to be able to organize a language exchange between themselves.

Pricing & Schedule

70€ / MONTH (BANK TRANSFER) 1st-5th of the month

  • Native & Bilingual teachers

  • Clases on ZOOM 2 hours per week (8,75€/hour) 

  • Support Classes (extra class based on a certain topic that students are finding difficult (eg verbs / tenses)

  • Access to our online platform (under construction) 

  • Classes will be recorded (YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR OWN CLASS) in case you miss a class CONSISTENCY IS KEY

A1 18:30-20:30
A2.2 18:30-20:30
B1 18:30-20:30
A2./B1 18:30-20:30
Basic level zero
I’m getting there!
I’m a B1 know my grammar
I have studied basic concepts

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